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Air Boost Air Blaster or Air cannon system can be an effective means of preventing the buildup of materials in transfer chutes, preheater and coolers etc. An Air Boost air blaster or air cannon is a de-clogging device with three main components: a pressure vessel, a Nozzle and a Pneumatic control panel.

Air boost Air blaster or Air cannon do not need any specific air supply. Available plant air enough with a minimum of 5 bar air pressure, although 6 to 7 bar are preferred for better result. The average air consumption is moderate, and depends on the number of firings per hour, size of the air boost air blaster, and number of air blasters installed.

A plant benefits from “Air Boost” Air Blaster pate cock cleaning system

Eight Air Boost Air Blasters firing a prescribed pattern of compressed air discharges remove material flow improved, maintenance was Reduced and productivity gained.

These nozzles should all be positioned to direct the blast toward the direction of flow. The nozzles must be carefully designed. So that They can effectively dislodge any materials that do build up.