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Air Blaster is a new technological evolution in the new era for enhancing production, which saves both time and money for any organization.
It provides smooth and healthy flow of material without jamming or any coating in hoppers, Pre-Heaters and consequently coolers etc.
The device/machinery have proved its advantage during rainy season when the moisture content is high in the air and the flow is restricted and hence Air Blasters proves to be beneficial.
It accounts for high degree of efficiency with minimum time and effort.
The device operates on compressed air and is controlled by the Solenoid valve operated control panel box and sequential timer.
It is mainly installed in cement plants, thermal plants and coalbunkers, chutes, chemical plant, fertilizer industry etc.
With the introduction of Air Boost all the problems relating to jamming or coating are now least considered.
  • The elementary principle of Air Blasters operation is to convert the kinetic energy of air to mechanical force by compression-exhaust stroke.
  • The Air Supplied by the main line is filled within the tank consisting of the piston-cylinder assembly.
    The compressed air is then released with a force six times stronger than the input one through a stroke distance of 26 mm.
  • The energy released by this exhaust is enough to clean the jamming or coating in any wall (M.S. or RCC) and assist in a resistance free flow of the material.
  • The compressed air is fed into the blasters through a PNEUMATIC CONTROL PANEL with a S.S. Pipe of 6mm ID at a minimum pressure of
  • The blasters are installed to provide a reaction free effect to the hanging accessories.