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A new revolution in the world of blaster market. As we all know piston the heart of Air Blaster requires maximum maintenance and repair. The basic problem, which all our dear customers were facing earlier, was the frequent Rubber refilling of Piston as it crack off due to frequent movement as well as intense pressure and temperature the blaster develops while working.
Now our clients need not to perform any such above said cumbersome job rather they can replace the saver costing just a handful bucks at their site premises even by an unskilled worker within seconds. We are pleased to inform you that more than 30 cement plants are enjoying this trouble free performance of our products and the counting is continuing at a fast rate.

Our High Temperature Nozzles are Marked as per IS 4522 Grade 9 i.e. best suitable for the current day application. The proper installation of these high quality nozzles by our engineer have boosted our business over the country and given great remarks by the plant authorities. Low temperature nozzles have also publicized its quality performance at desired sites.

The Pneumatic Control Panel Box along with the Junction Box is assembled with the three-way Solenoid Valve and a Non-Return Valve as well as other hoses to control the operation of blasters to a very great extent.

Micro processed sequential timer is used for the Hands free or automatic operation of the equipment and provides great relief for our dear customers. As now they can run their equipments sitting at their offices without any fears.

Additional Pressure Gauge on the blaster help to detect any fault inside the cannon without even getting close to it. The guide pipe installed at the blaster properly safeguard the alignment of Piston Seat and the discharge pipe against any shocks experienced during loading and lashing processes and hence avoid leakage.
Safety plates and safety valves have also enhanced the protecting aspects of the Air Blasters